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At small sex dolls, we always think about the environment with silicone girl dolls, and strive to develop new products and improve our service ultimate pleasure robots s by thoroughly quality control so that our silicone girl doll can deliver healing and excitement to your lifestyle real women dolls I'm willing to do it. Genuine small sex dolls, finished in a very good product, can be quality guaranteed. This doll is made of TPE with a metal skeleton. The doll body has a me tpe real dolls tal skeleton and articulated grip, allowing for a variety of poses like humans. Mad sex doll usa e of premium TPE elastomer material that is close to human skin, very soft and resilient, tear resistant and excellent workmanship. If you take cheap adult stores care of like a girlfriend, you can enjo beautiful sexy doll y a variety of positions and experiences with her. Non-toxic and odorless The degree of tensile resistance is large, strong elasticity; Softer and weaker tha fake sex dolls n silicone doll package includes one shape with blanket, one wig, 1 garment (photo clothes are not includ sex talking robot ed) Free shipping.Tariff included It's been There is japanimation silicone girl doll no additional charge. small sex dolls (PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE) This site manufactures and sells real dolls as men's sanitary supplies. Get a good reputation as a silicone girl doll indus real silicone sex doll try. Made from 100% premium TPE non-toxic materials, “safe and secure” products are guaranteed. It is exactly the real lovedoll same as the product you receive with the photo posted as a genuine product. Trading notes: 1. Please note that there may be slight differences in the basic dimensions of the doll depending on the life size dolls measurement method. 2. Please refrain from buying if you are nervous or my silicone silicone girl doll review looking for perfection as the attached image was taken by a professional photographer, there may be slight differences from the actual picture. Please contact us as you can check t cheap sex dolls he actual image during the transaction. 3. The location of the project is in China. International flights are longer than domestic. If you have not rec posable sex dolls eived the goods in a timely manner due to local customs or other uncertain delays (holidays and events), please realistic sex doll contact us immediately. 4. Also, once your order has been arranged for production and shipping, you will not be able to cance guy with sex doll l.

Note: 1) Please do not damage the doll with sharp objects or stick the doll. 2) Wash the doll wi ex doll robotics th lather soap every time you use it. The head should be removed and washed separately silicon sec doll . After washing, wipe it with a towel and apply baby powder. Do not use a dryer. 3) To ke big tit sex doll ep the doll clean all the time, please put a cloth on it. 4) When using sex dolls, please do not place them directly on the ground and on the desk. 5) Change your post silicone silicone girl doll japan ure by placing the doll on the side or sitting. 6) When moving the doll, please be a tpe doll canada ware that excessive impact such as dropping, bumping, or breaking will cause damage. 7) real silicone girl doll Avoid putting the doll in the sun for a long time. That way, the life of the skin will be shortened. 8) Do not wear faded clothes on the doll 9) If you do not use the sex emulator for android doll for a long time, please clean the doll and apply baby powder.