Usually you can choose skin color, 2 wigs, eye color, nipple color, sex dolls in action labia color, vaginal type and type of foot standing in the following photos. (TPE)

* Nipple color, labia color options are available only for super makeup.
※ 102 cm and 108 cm silicone girl doll can not be selected with removable vagina.
*Customized options for silicone silicone girl dolls are different.

makeup style

#1 normal makeup
#2 mole makeup style
#3 crying makeup style

What is the difference between normal makeup type and super makeup type?

Super makeup skin color type


Comparison of A-CUP and B-CUP of 146CM silicone girl doll



You can choose from skin color, 2 wigs, eye color and foot type.

If you order a silicone girl doll with super makeup, you can ch tpe plastic oose the nipple color, labia color.

If you want to choose the oral, anal or vaginal depth of the labodol, please contact us.

If you don't want your silicone girl doll to have an anal, vaginal or oral hole, please contact us.

146CM silicone girl doll can choose A-CUP or B-CUP chest size.

102CM silicone girl doll can choose to close the tail hole.

If you want to make a hanging hole behind a TPE lov real men doll e doll, please let me know.

The head of a silicone silicone girl doll usually uses the default hairstyle. If you like other hairstyles, please send us pictures.

The head of the silicone silicone girl doll is also available in a wig version.